Thomaseth is a Nuremberg-based fashion and design company dedicated to developing an innovative and contemporary approach to fashion and employee clothing and design.


Our declared goals is to achieve the highest possible quality, excellent detailing and the development of an integrated strategy for sustainable employer branding that takes into account the individual needs of the customer. Adequate integrations of the culture and history of the respective location into an honest ready-to-wear and wash fashion collection that values our environment has priority in all collections.

All styling solutions are developed through sustainability, textile innovation, craftsmanship, natural materials, functionality, reorder ability and rationalization. 

Sina Thomaseth believes that fashion must have a strong connection to the culture and history of a particular place.She is interested in the analysis and research of indigenous fashion, materials and elements, which in combination with functionality can express a contemporary interpretation to the past. In addition, Sina is actively involved in the development of an individual employer brand in selected destinations the hospitality industry in Europe. 


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